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Berkeley Software Distribution
- Professionals In Europe

What Are Your Support Requirements ?

Please answer some of the questions below When you contact us, to help us get an initial idea of what you may need.
Please don't be deterred from contacting us by trying to answer too many questions;
Just give us a rough idea what you need. We will ask whatever else we need to know later.
If you want us to do some requirement analysis consulting, we can do that too.)

Skills & Services ?

Do you need: Systems engineering planning ? hardware support (new PCs purchased configured & delivered) ? software consultancy ? Training ? Main Internet server support on our server ? Fallback / standby support on our Internet servers ?

Turn Key ?

Do you need total turn-key analysis, support, delivery & maintenance ? Do you need us to supplement your own systems & staff ? Do you need us to support your customers, to relieve you of external support issues ?

How Much Work ?

Do you need: Occasional emergency support ? Intermittent help EG upgrading ? Regular maintenance support ? Bug fixing ? Configuration ? Custom conversions ? Minor enhancements ? Significant custom developments ? Existing facility support ? New additional functionality ?

Where ?

Where are you ? We are based in Munich Germany. Will you need local on site support at your location[s] ? Never/ Rarely/ Regularly ? We bill for travel & overnight accommodation time & expense. Would remote support by Internet & phone suit you ? Would you need us to travel ? Would you need us to appoint a more local BSD associate ?

People ?

How many of your staff will you want to authorise to contact us ? Will you want to authorise your business partners &/or customers to also contact us ? How many of which ? What is their level of expertise ? What degree of urgency/ response is required ? Human language[s] required ?

Response Time

What sort of response time do you need ? For initial acknowledgement ? For a solution where possible ?

Office Hours ?

Do you need a normal office hours service ? or something more expensive ?

Responsibility ?

How many machines ? how many users ? how many transactions ? how much traffic ? how critical ? Is your BSD exposure `back office / off line' or `front office, affecting your customer exposure' ?

Penalties ?

Do you want to impose penalty / performance clauses on us ? (which may or may not be acceptable, but which would certainly raise the price).

Protocols & Daemons ?

Which IP protocols, which server daemons /functionality.

Tools ?

Which programming languages &/or tools & ports etc ?

Interfaces ?

Which other systems do you interact with, that we need to know of ?

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