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Conrad Cyclocomputer King Nova BC-780

by Julian H. Stacey

picture with ruler & coin for scale
2 Euro coin for scale
I could not find a manual for this on web, I asked Conrad im Tal, Munich, Germany who (@2012.08) also dont have info as too old, So here's a scan of my paper manual in German
  • booklet.pdf
  • for_screen.pdf
    Was produced by using cp then xv to manually crop page images, then re-number & reassemble with tiffcp but it comes out a bit bigger, & loses resolution, + an anti-aliasing problem is evident.
  • re_ordered_pages.txt recovered by (Optical Character Recognition) with tesseract -l deu doc.tiff doc then manually re-ordered
  • to_print.txt
  • if you want it in English go to:
  • There should be, somewhere globaly, a manual in English, as the config first offers mile/h, then km/hr as alternate, & all acronyms like SPD for speed, etc, are all English acronyms, not German.
    Please email me if you have an English manual (paper or PDF, whatever).

Wheel & Tyre Geometry:

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